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While the full SRD isn’t yet available, every week I am showcasing a section of the rulebook in a section I call “Chimborazo preview”. These bite-sized rules snippets are excellent for taking a look at how the game handles a specific aspect of ttrpg play. These files are google drive documents (the buttons will take you there), with comments enabled if ever you want to suggest, correct, or ask something.

Below the previews, there are links to the current works in progress, all in Google Docs (comments are enabled). All of the design and development of the game is completely open-sourced and public, available in this form up until the release of the game, when this page will house the SRD (system reference document, aka all the rules).


Golden rules


Progression (part 1)


Player roles


W.I.P. Documents

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ChimborazoRPG Core

The main W.I.P. document that houses all the current mechanics, content, etc. Includes in-dev notes, changelog, and more.

Character creation

Believe it or not, chargen is a separate doc at the moment. Eventually it will be re-integrated into the main book. Worth noting is that while the chargen process is robust, currently this is a link toe the Simplified Character Creation, something intended to be a free supplemental module.


The first of many supplements, currently in active development. A robust and engaging system that makes character relations truly matter.

Wealth system

The second-to-release (eventually) supplement, abstracting money into wealth and providing very involved gameplay in all aspects of wealth.

Pets, Minions, and Mercenaries

The third supplemental product currently being developed.. Very early draft, does exactly what it says on the tin by adding pets, minions, and mercenaries to the game.