Character relationships printable sheet

While the supplement isn’t ready in its entirety, the “relationship sheet” has been designed, created, and completed. It’s 100% usable on its own, without the rest of the system, as a powerful descriptive (and not prescriptive!) tool to help track character relations. So far it has been tested by GMs, players, even writers and worldbuilders outside the purposes of RPGs, and has proven itself a valuable tool that I’m proud to have created. 

Print directly from the web page, or download the file to your device (pdf embeds don’t render on mobile browsers, so instead you will only see a “Download” button). If you need help with its intended usage, the current draft of the supplement (available here) serves as a guide on how to interpret each of the sections and make the most out of the way they interact.

Coming soon: a fillable pdf, as well as a mass printing solution.