How to use

First up are albums. The numbers at the start are solely for alphabetical ordering purposes and have no bearing on the contents of the folders. Ideally, I have only exported finalised cards into those, rendered with art and everything. This… may not be the case, depending on when you take a look. The albums are named after the colour (or colour combination’s) archetype in the set as a way of setting expectations about the colours’ roles in the grand scheme of things. However, all cards of that colour or colours go in there, so do not expect to find exclusively cards that are part of the theme. For organisational purposes, hybrid cards go in their multicolour folders.
After the albums follows a mass export of all cards in the set file, which I’ll try to do roughly once a week. The set is a work in progress, which means most cards in that dump won’t have art, sometimes even a name, and can come at any stage of completion.

This is a work in progress. There is not shortage of exceptionally bad or straight up nonfunctional designs. There are also some phenomenal designs and cards I’m generally proud of for one reason or another. I’m not afraid to experiment, do it often, and as a result end up with a lot of junk… that I’m not great at cleaning up on a regular basis. Among the set dump you might find designs that didn’t work out, or even ones that were never intended to go into the set in the first place, including things that look relatively polished.