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Hearthstone metagame clock progress update

In the previous article I demonstrated how a TCG’s metagame can be tracked with an actual physical clock rather than using the already established tier lists. There has recently been an oversaturation of meta reports which make keeping up with the game and tracking the meta accurately a daunting task – not only do all…
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Introducing the Hearthstone Metagame Clock

In 1999 Mike Flores asked Who’s the beatdown? This historical piece has echoed through the TCG genre and is regarded as one of, if not the most quintessential article ever written about Magic. Everybody who has played a trading card game is familiar with the two archetypes, aggro and control, and here Mr. Flores teaches us how even…
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Introduction Welcome to Chimborazo RPG blog. This is an open-sourced project where I create a role-playing game from the ground up. The primary purpose of this blog is to show readers what the design and development processes behind the creation of a game look like and to introduce them to an epic fantasy world. If…
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